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I have been going to Angel for massages every 3 weeks for years and wish I could go more often.  She is truly a healer!  You will love the atmosphere of the massage room, it is comfortable and very relaxing.  Angel sincerely cares about your well being and you will feel like a new person.  I highly recommend all of her reasonable services, you will not regret it!  Cherie A


To receive a massage from Angel is, in a word, SUBLIME. One can feel those little
(and large) aches and pains slowly ebbing from the muscles. Angels abilities in
getting the knots in your muscles to loosen is almost magical. If you haven't
had a proper massage given by a professional (mainly Angel of course) you have
no idea what you are missing. I highly recommend correcting this error at your
earliest possible chance. You will not be sorry you did, but you may be if you
don't. ~John K.


Several months ago I had a severe migraine originating at the base of my skull that was causing me to be unable to stand, lay down, open my eyes or even think clearly. I was in tears and Angel was there to make everything better. Her massage of my neck muscles alone allowed the knot to release and all of the muscles that were tight along my skull to relax. I had never been in pain like that in my life and Angel\'s wonderful touch honestly saved me from the agony. She knew exactly what to do. ~ Keely U.


I love getting a massage at least once a month from Angel for optimal wellness! She is professional and is an amazing massage therapist. ~ Jason D.

It's been too long since I took care of myself, with a massage. It should be something I do as regularly as breathing. This is the only woman to whom I entrust my well-being ~Christie T.


 Angel is truly an angel! My boyfriend started going to her and he had such wonderful results, I went to her also. She is amazingly intuitive, listens perfect, extremely professional and cares deeply...which all reflects in her work. If your debating, deliberate no longer, go see her! ~ Dena H.


Angel Isis Body Healing is an experience that you want to have again and again. The location is calm and peaceful. The healing room is beautifully decorated and caters to ease of mind and body. Angel herself is well tuned to each clients' individual needs and has experience and education with a variety of healing modalities directed at meeting those needs. In my personal experience, working with Angel is incredibly safe and effective. She is wonderful at listening, communicating honestly, and being actively engaged in my healing process. Thank you Angel Isis Body Healing. ~ Brynn S.

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